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At present we grow nearly 1500 varieties of hostas. The collections also include daylilies, irises, peonies (50+ species and varieties), conifers and deciduous trees (more than 150 different), popular and rare lilacs (nearly 50 different), flowering trees and shrubs, uncounted numbers of other more or less unusual perennials, clematis, ferns, alpines, wildflowers, ornamental grasses, bulbs, and whatever else strikes our fancy, all in a bucolic setting surrounded by green fields and pastures, where Paso Fino and Amish horses cavort.

We welcome visitors to Glenbrook Farm. We are, however, frequently occupied by shipping chores, propagation, acquisition trips and other related pursuits, so if you plan to visit, it is best to call ahead (518) 922-5O91 in order that we may plan to give you our full attention. Extensive display gardens are (forever) under development.

Glenbrook Farm is a small nursery focusing on wide selection rather than mass production so we do not have large quantities of any varieties, and only a few of some. The listings show how many are available, but we are not always able to update on a daily basis, so it is a good idea to e-mail for availability of varieties identified as being in very short supply; likewise if you want larger numbers of any one variety. You may list substitutes if you wish, and substitutions of equal or greater value will be made only from your list. A few varieties will not be ready to ship until late summer, and will be so identified.

Many additional varieties are available at the nursery, where we also offer plants in gallon and larger containers. We also grow other plants that make attractive combinations with and agreeable companions for Hostas. Availability is very limited. Visitors to the farm will find a much wider selection than we can show on the web site.

Orders paid for by personal check will ship once the check has cleared.

For hostas on a budget, visit our other site tendollarhostas.com Same grower, same quality, plain-jane approach.

Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
Mint Candy 05/04/2015
Prairie Sky 04/01/2015
Prairie Moon 04/01/2015
Royal Wedding 04/01/2015
Kiwi Blue Baby 04/01/2015
Hosta sieboldii f. spathulata 04/01/2015
Itty Blue 04/01/2015
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